Hawley House (circa 1878) is the original homestead of Rubicon Estate, a 150 hectare wildlife sanctuary, garden and grazing paddocks for our friendly horses. 

Wildlife abounds in the coastal heathland on the windswept escarpment overlooking Bass Strait, and dusk sightings include wombats, pademelons, Tasmanian devils, spotted quolls, barred bandicoots, Bennets wallabies and Forester kangaroos.

The Estate straddles the peninsula of Point Sorell and offers stunning views of the North-west coast all the way to Table Cape & Stanley to the west (200km away) and the Narawntapu National Park, Badger Head and Bakers Beach to the East, on the opposite banks of the Rubicon River.

Point Sorell is home to the largest Fairy Penguin and Muttonbird rookeries on the Tasmanian mainland.


Set on a peninsula into the Southern Oceans, and buffeted by the salt-laden Roaring Forties, the tranquil oasis of a chain of small lakes down to a sandy beach and overlooking the pristine ranges of the Narawntapu National Park.


 Awaiting exploration are the Wetlands, Wolf Wood, All Creatures Church, the bronze eagle and grouped plant associations from all over the world.  A detailed map of the gardens is found in the main entrance hallway.

These gardens, which have been literally scraped from the bedrock, now encompass an extensive range of exotic plants from cool temperate through to sub-tropical plants.


For those with less energy or time to explore, don’t miss the fantastic view of the Estuary from the top of the hill near the Hill House. Meet our friendly horses Trojan, Juno, Persia and Phantom.


Venture to the beach in front of the house, either by meandering through the gardens or down the driveway. Turn left and follow the walking track which starts at the end of the beach.  The foreshore track takes about 20 minutes each way, and past the historic Larooma Homestead (c.1875), Spy Island and the Carbuncle, both of which can be reached at low tide for those more adventurous souls. Fairy Penguin and Muttonbird rookeries inhabit the Point, and in summer months it is possible to watch the penguins coming ashore at dusk. 45 min return walk.


A slightly more energetic excursion takes you through the heart of the property, on a gentle rising slope.  Walk behind the house, past the Clydesdales, the Winter Lake, beyond the unspoiled sclerophyll woodlands and coastal heathland to the Eagles’ Scarp where you will be rewarded by a panoramic coastline view to  Nut at Stanley, and with luck, be awe-inspired by the resident pair of Wedge tailed Eagles overhead. 1 - 2 hours return walk.

Hawley House Wedding Venue Tasmania
Hawley House Wedding Venue Tasmania
Hawley House Wedding Venue Tasmania